IR Windows 


4"x 4" Aperture with standard screws
4"x 4" Aperture with viewing window with partial cover



4"x 4" Aperture with viewing window with full cover
SEAM Group’s installation team will provide a full turnkey installation of each window.
Our two-man certified and licensed installers will perform the following tasks:


STEP 1 - Determine the optimal location(s) and layout IR window on enclosure

STEP 2 - Punch/Cut out opening on enclosure face

STEP 3 - Drill mounting holes on enclosure face

STEP 4 - Surface preparation & installation

STEP 5 - Install reinforcement plate

STEP 6 - Install locking nuts on studs

STEP 7 - Ensure window cover is functioning properly


PdM Program Design

Proper design is essential when creating a predictive maintenance (PdM) program. Our PdM Program Design Service empowers you to achieve coverage faster and attain desired results sooner.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Our engineering professionals can conduct an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to determine the amount of energy generated in an arc flash incident and provide the information required to keep your employees working safely.

On Demand Maintenance

Our On-Demand Maintenance program is your dedicated source for facility maintenance services. We become an extension of your staff and a true value-added partner, improving consistency and overall service quality.

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