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Infrared Technology - Finding Hidden Failures


Infrared Thermography is used in a wide variety of applications; from electrical systems, to mechanical systems and building systems. Finding thermal anomalies served to reduce risk, increase reliability and control energy consumption. This webinar focuses on the different application where infrared technology is beneficial and reviews case studies detailing its effectiveness.

MRO Inventory Management:

An EAM Best Practice Overview


There are many factors to consider when evaluating any MRO Inventory Management Program. RCM recognizes the importance of having the right parts, at the right time, to execute the planning and scheduling of maintenance work.


What you will learn:

  • Build and structure Item master file

  • Executing material planning

  • Steps involved in developing a store strategy

  • Major processes for inventory mgmt

  • Best practices for issuing and distribution of material

Infrared Windows:

Protecting Against the Risk of Arc Flash in Accordance with NFPA70E & CZA Z462



Electrical asset coverage during inspections is more challenging due to emphasis on safety & exposure to arc flash hazards.


Topics covered with LIVE Q & A:


  • Choosing electrical assets to outfit/retrofit 

  • Quantity, size & placement  for components 

  • Installation requirements & steps

  • Process for using IR Window during inspection

  • Benefits of IR windows installations

Achieving Reliability -

PdM to Precision



An enhanced combination of these two strategies will drive meaningful reliability improvements and significantly reduce overall costs.


What you will learn:

  • Enhanced PdM program design 

  • Identifying reoccurring failure patterns

  • Moving from cost avoidance to cost savings

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

  • Precision maintenance - effective deployment

  • Case studies and examples

Work Management - Lean Maintenance Workflow Optimization


The goal of a Lean Maintenance Workflow process is to provide efficient utilization of the maintenance labor hour and increasethe effectiveness of jobs being executed.
What you will learn:

  • Managing your backlog

  • Identifying non-value-added activities

  • Improving job scope effectiveness

  • Planning to remove waste from job tasks

  • Scheduling to remove the waste from between jobs.

How Infrared Inspections Reduce OSHA Known Hazards

For years, a strong push has been made to improve safety when working around electrical systems and components. Agencies like OSHA, NFPA and NEC continue to incorporate stricter guidelines and codes for employer to follow to ensure safe work practices within their facilities.
This webinar will cover:

  • Current regulations, codes and guidelines for electrical safety

  • Examples of known hazards

  • Examples of consequences for not following the guidelines

  • How electrical infrared inspections can reduce potential hazards

A Lean Approach to PM Optimization


A systematic process to determine the correct level of value-added tasks and resourcing required to effectively and reliable maintain critical assets. 

What you will learn: 

  • Why optimize? 

  • Approach to optimization 

  • Determining assets to optimize 

  • Failure modes and equipment history evaluation 

  • Tasks: PM, PdM, TPM, & CbM activities

  • Review of results

Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM Theory & Practice)


Join Dave Potter as we begin the first of a series of webinars centered around

Reliability Based Maintenance!

Our first session will cover:

  •  Importance of asset definition

    • Complete and accurate asset data

    • Effective asset organization

  • Balancing business needs with risk-based asset care

  • How asset criticality is used to drive many different types of prioritization decisions

Integrating PdM

Technologies, Design to Practice


Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is typically deployed by individual technology. Each technology is justified, designed & managed as a stand-alone program. Although each technology has its own value & benefits, integration brings additional value and return on investment. 


What you will learn: 

  • Approach to multi-discipline PdM 

  • Equipment criticality and addressing      failure modes 

  • Design a program utilizing all PdM technologies

  • Right-sizing the program’s scope & frequency

  • How to apply complimentary technologies 

The Value of Arc Flash

Hazard Analysis


Providing an overview of arc flash & electrical safety. Attendees will learn the OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements for workers, workplace, and understand how Predictive Service can help with compliance. 


What you will learn:

  • What is Arc Flash?

  • Affected by Arc Flash & Electrical Safety?

  • Compliance Drivers

  • Compliance Topics

  • Our Approach to Compliance

Foundation for Improving Reliability through Effective PdM Programs


Going beyond the typical PdM program that is focused on managing failures, and utilizing the historical data effectively, can increase reliability and further support your overall maintenance and operation efforts.  


What you will learn: 

  • Review of proactive benefits  

  • Data & information required to move towards proactive maintenance 

  • The recommended steps to eliminate failures from recurring 

  • What technologies and tools to consider 

  • Aligning or revising existing strategies to fit the proactive model 

  • Developing the overall business case 


Keys To A Successful Maintenance Outage

Organizing and successfully executing a maintenance outage to return on plan, on budget and most importantly, on time takes experience and a well though out plan.
This webinar will cover:

  • Advance planning for an outage

  • Preparation for a successful shutdown

  • Executing a successful maintenance outage plan

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