Our proven optimization process is a turnkey approach to reliability and sustainability.
From identifying issues, to baselining against standards and developing the business case. 
We provide cost-justified actions and a continuous improvement process.



Proven to be effective for all improvement activities:



Identify performance gaps with personnel, processes & equipment: 

  • High level assessment    

  • Subject matter experts observation    

  • Identifying problems & issues    

  • Provides focus for improvement actions    

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Baselining gaps against best practices & recommend a cost justified course of action: 

  • Baseline & analyze current state  

  • Compare to industry standards/best practices    

  • Determine resource & deployment strategies    

  • Develop a go-forward optimization plan

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Provide expert implementation of improvement actions:  

  • Deployment of improvement actions    

  • Enhance existing areas of strength    

  • Develop long term programs    

  • Implement triggers for root cause analysis

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Identify KPIs & metrics to ensure long term success: 

  • Develop key performance indicators    

  • Establish results assurance plans    

  • Routine review, analysis & modifications

  • Redesign for new business models or challenges

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